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Hands Protection Initiative during the pandemic

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Medical workers in the forefront of combating against pandemic are suffering from contact dermatitis and allergic reactions on their hands because of the excess hands sanitary processes.  Frequent hand sterilizations and changing protective gloves are the main reasons inducing the growing number of medical workers disturbing by contact dermatitis and allergic reactions. Mecechem paid highly attention to these situations and made reactions instantly by donating our production- Marly Skin to support thousands of medical workers fighting against pandemic.

                                           Marly Skin has been delivered to Wuxi Medical Team;
                                           Marly Skin has been delivered to Wuxi Fifth People's Hospital aiding to Wuhan;
                                           Marly Skin has been delivered to Wuxi People's Hospital;
                                           Marly Skin has been delivered to Guanggu Hospital of Tongji Hospital, Wuhan;
                                           Marly Skin has been sent to Wuhan Central Hospital and Wuchang shelter medical team of Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

Marly Skin is the professional skin management production from Germany which is different normal lotion and cream reacting on skin surface. Marly Skin creates a productive layer which is bacteria or virus-proof and can be highly effective with free air penetrability for more than 4 hours. According to a survey conducted by a German laboratory, in 90 minutes, experimenters washed hands with water and soap 3 times and then applying Marly Skin after each washing. The control team washed hands and applied the normal skin protective foam bought from pharmacy. The result revealed that the productive layer on hands formed by normal skin foam destroyed after washing. The protective layer, however, formed by Marly Skin didn’t destroyed and even became more firm. In conclusion, Marly Skin is very promising to tackle the side effect such as contact dermatitis caused by wearing disposable gloves preventing medical workers from stimulation and risk form Alkali, acid, organic solvent and bacteria and virus.  
We hope all medical workers stay safe and end the pandemic soon!

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