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Guest Speech-Pharmaceutical Preparation International Forum

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  2018, Zhuhai, China -

【International forum on pharmaceutical preparations】

At China chamber of commerce for import and export of medicines and health products (CCCMHPIE) , Ms. Lily Lei, general manager of Mecechem, introduced the characteristics and challenges of multiple emerging pharmaceutical markets in an all-round way, and explained the development strategies of emerging markets with personal experience and actual cases and method. She emphasized that it is necessary to win the trust and opportunities of the market by enhancing its own soft power and helping local partners for their development.
In addition, professionals like Jiang Hua, the vice president of Luye Pharm Group; Shen Yaping, the deputy general manager of Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd.; and Meng Xiaofeng, general manager of Humanwell PuraCap Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., also shared their experience on the internationalization of preparations.

Many participating companies praised the content of the conference for its pragmatic and fruitful results. In this forum, more than 230 representatives from more than 120 companies at home and abroad participated in the forum and conducted lively discussions and exchanges on hot topics in the internationalization of preparations.
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