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Guest Speech-International Experience Sharing

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  2017, Shanghai CPHI -

【CPHI Formulation Companies Salon】

At the Salon organized by China chamber of commerce for import and export of medicines and health products (CCCMHPIE), Ms. Lily Lei, General Manager of Mecehcem, shared strategies and potential risks should be noted about the expansion of Southeast Asian market, which was wildly accepted and advocated by the participants as the content that Ms. Lily shared can be seen as a model of drafting strategies aiming to foreign trade and market expansion for other enterprises.  

In addition, professionals like Wang Xu Ming, Director of oversea market from HEC Pharm Group; Cao Wenjun, Senior Manager from Huahai Pharmaceutical; Frank Wu, Deputy director of International dep. from 3SBIO INC Group and etc., have shared and exchanged their overseas experience.

The guests discussed actively and the on-site interactions were quite enthusiastic.

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