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About Us

MECECHEM, established in 2003, is a professional global business company in the field of generics, biological products, vaccines, IVD products, animal health products and purified herbal products. With more than 19 years professional work, we have established a reliable relationship with worldwide distributors.

MECECHEM has a professional, dynamic and thoughtful team, 70% of our employees graduated from Pharmaceutical University. We understand quality is safeguard for partnership as well as base of sustainability for both us and our partners, thus we give our utmost concern to quality assurance. We ensure our products are safe and cost-effective. We are proud to make a worthwhile contribution to public health and welfare along with our partners.

MECECHEM understands pharmaceutical industry is highly-regulated, we keep on-going training to our staffs with latest regulations in the industry. We have a very professional, dynamic and thoughtful team, who are familiar with multinational regulations in registration area, work timely following up ever-changing regulations in our markets, support our customer for a life-cycle management of the marketing products.

WIN-WIN cooperation is the consensus we have reached with our business partners, by closely cooperating with our domestic and abroad customers in Europe, Latin- America,Africa and Asia, we have moved forward strongly to register and distribute our products in these areas. We now supply nearly all types of pharmaceuticals dosage forms including aerosols with the correspond­ing therapeutic devices, injectable, SR/ER tablets, eye drops/ointments, syrups, suppositories, lotions and creams. Due to our capability of supplying excellent quality products as well as robust logistics assurance, our sells networks have been expanding to more than 50 countries and we have served up to USD 50million pharmaceutical products to governments tenders in different countries. We aim to work for health and well-being of people around the world, we commit to be more open and supportive to our partners' growing needs and societal needs as a whole.


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